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March 3, 2020

Best Hidden Car Antennas
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ZHOL NEW AM-FM Hidden Windshield
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Dual Electronics MAR16B Flexible Mast
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AM/FM Antenna with 96-Inch Cable

In the world of today’s technology and endless innovations, despite all the features you can add up to your car’s audio system, the importance of radio is beyond question. It gives you access and liberty to listen to the local AM/FM stations, staying up-to-date on traffic layouts, weather forecasts, and entertaining yourself with local music as well.

A radio antenna embedded in the hardware of the car enables the car audio system to receive AM/FM frequencies from the local stations and a good antenna is doubtlessly the key to strong radio signals. Without a reliable antenna, weather conditions or other disturbances can affect the radio signals that can lead to noise and inconvenience. A car antenna can be anything that radiates or receive signals and it is a must-have for every car on the road.

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With a variety of antennas to be chosen from, having salient features. Undoubtedly, the best way to choose an antenna is to choose an antenna that well suits your needs and requirements without taking a dig at your pocket. To make sure our readers have a smooth procedure of buying a car antenna, we have added the reviews and specifications of 5 best car antennas that are available in the market. Have a look!

Best Hidden Car Antennas - Reviews

1. ZHOL NEW AM-FM Hidden Windshield Antenna Car Radio Truck

  • AM radio – 535 kilohertz to 1.7 megahertz
  • FM radio – 88 megahertz to 108 megahertz
  • Unit Length: 6Ft/1.5M
  • Output plug: Standard car radio
  • Cable: 9 feet of Low Loss
  • Operates on all Digital and Traditional AM-FM Radios
  • Weight: 3.5 oz

The first one that we are going to review is ZHOL new AM/FM hidden windshield antenna car radio truck. This is a well-reputed brand and is also registered on Amazon which tells us that we can easily trust this product but a brand name can never be enough. 

So, let’s pursue buying these by listing down the specifications. It has a MICO screen element which is considered to be a new proprietary design that has happened to enhance the performance results by increasing the signal reception from both AM as well as FM sources.

This antenna can work in any vehicle; car or truck because of its universality and it can even be hidden in your vehicle without any hassle as it will not take any technical assistance or your time. It is very easy to install as it can be hooked. 

Take the antenna, peel it from the bottom and stick it to any surface you want. You can adhere it to various surfaces such as glass, headliner, camper, or even the roof.

2. Jensen Marine AN150SR AM/FM Amplified Antenna

  • Weight:  2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:  5 x 3.8 x 1 inches
  • Power source: 12v

More Features: 

This antenna is proven to be amplified and has a long range for signal reception which makes sure you have access to as many stations as possible around you and the antenna. 

This antenna is an extremely versatile one as it can be used on either side; inside or outside and it will be your last stop to find such a versatile product due to the number of specifications it has to offer its users. Often, users underestimate the power of this compact device but we assure you that you can adhere this antenna to an unobstructed place so the signals do not get disrupted and it will provide excellent signal reception irrespective of its small and compact size. So, it’s basically a bomb in a sachet!

This small piece of amazingness comes with the adhering strips which will make the installation a piece of cake by making the sticking process easy, hassle-free, and free of time issues. The adhere strips are so strong that you can even paste it to the areas where everything slips such as watery places and it will not come out unless removed from a special process. This antenna is proven to be amplified and has a long range for signal reception which makes sure you have access to as many stations as possible around you and the antenna. This antenna was specially designed for people who like to listen to AM and FM in their free time or during their drives.

3. Dual Electronics MAR16B Flexible Mast Marine Antenna AM/FM Black

  • Colour:  Black
  • Style:  Mast
  • Dimensions:  1 x 20 x 4 inches
  • Weight:  96 pounds
  • Shipping Weight:  8 ounces
  • Cable: 54 inch
  • Material: Rubber
  • Frequency Range: 10 miles

We all know someone who has an interest in marine life and even spends most of their time underwater and you must have heard them complain that they cannot listen to the radio while underwater. So, worry no more because this is the best antenna for you or your friend have to use it in the marine environment. We are saying this because this antenna has a 10 miles frequency range for marine surroundings and this makes sure that the sound quality is smooth irrespective of obstructions in the midway of the signal pathway.

Not only this antenna provides smooth audio to the marine users but it also got designed keeping in mind that it will be used in the marine environment. The exterior is made up of rubber to make sure that the antenna stays safe form the spray and salt. Apart from that, this product was designed to bear the extreme winds in the sea so, it comes with a 16” mast and a 180-degree swivel base which makes it compact as well as easy to install and it will not break in extremely windy conditions. It also has a 54-inch cable which means that it can cover the good distance on your location of installation.


4. AM/FM Antenna with 96-Inch Cable

  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 8 x 3 x 2.8 inches
  • Model number:  RV70-96
  • Cable: 96 inch
  • Swivel mounting

This antenna product is very convenient due to the various specifications it has got in the small pack. Let’s get to the specification. This antenna comes with a long cable of 96 inches so it can easily be fitted in trucks such as SUVs or RV as these vehicles are long and very few antennas have such long cables but we got you one. So, get on go and buy it if you are using a truck, SUV, or an RV.  This antenna was made of steel along with springs to make sure that it does not break if excessive weight is put on it or if it is stretched too much. So, you can even roughly use and it will work fine for you.

It has got a mounted swivel which ensures that mounting is possible both ways; horizontal and vertical and you will not face any issue as it is easy to mount and does not take much time. It has a dashboard of its own. This antenna is very easy to install and it will take only 5 minutes including 2 minutes of you standing back and admiring it as well as our choice of products. Other than that, the package has its own bolts and nuts which will help you install it in a matter of few minutes without having to go to hardware stores.

5. Authentic Genuine Nagoya NA-320A Triband HT Antenna 2M-1.25M-70CM (144-220-440Mhz)

  • Size: Base / Mobile Antenna
  • Style: UT-72 PL-259/SMA VHF/UHF
  • Dimensions: 33 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Flexible SMA adapter cable
  • 14 feet heavy duty RG-58

The speciality of this antenna is that it can be used on your mobile phone as well. This antenna is a dual-band magnet mounted antenna which has a gain range of 4dB. It is specially designed so that it can be used in hand and on your mobile as well so you will access to FM and AM anywhere you go no matter if you are even lying in your bed.

It is equipped with a flexible SMA adapter cable which leads to easy installation without any hassle and will not even cost you your time. This antenna gives optimum results when it has adhered to steel surfaces such as cars or the back side of your mobile phone. It is an omnidirectional antenna which means that it catches signals from all sides and directions to ensure that signals are captured from a maximum number of stations around the vicinity.

It is easy to attach it to any vehicle as it has 14feet heavy duty RG-58 and will not require to have any special technical skills. The width of antenna is 2.5 mm which is thicker than the other antennas available in the market which ensure that this antenna stands out.

Best Hidden Car Antennas Buying Guide

There are many things that you must think about before investing in an antenna for your vehicle or your phone. The main use of an antenna is to strengthen the signal reception so that you can listen to radio stations whether they are FM or AM. We have written an extensive buyer guide for our readers so that they can keep in mind the aspects they should be looking for when buying an antenna for their vehicle.

Antenna Type

If you are going to need an antenna for your car, it means that you should be looking for an outdoor one. The antenna type best for outdoor use is the log-periodic antenna type or the yagi antenna type as they can receive signals from 50-100 miles away.

Yagi antennas are very famous antennas when it comes to the directional reception of signals and it is also very affordable. Log periodic antennas are omnidirectional as well as unidirectional which makes them capture signals from all directions and the user do not have to make sure that the antenna is pointing a various position. Apart from the Yagi and Log Periodic antenna, there is a reflective antenna array that captures the signals but it very big in size so there is a limitation.

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This plays an essential role in the smoothness and clearance of audio that you receive. There is a small node along with the antenna known as a reflector which is responsible for slimming down the received signals as well clean up the junk signals. This will ensure that only clear audio is being transferred to your end.

Directional Reception

You have to choose the antenna according to your directional preferences. If you buy an antenna that is directional, you will have play with it and set it all the time to receive good signals from your desired station. But if you buy an omnidirectional antenna, it will capture signals from all directions giving you access to more radio stations which is always a plus point as there is not much price difference. However, the directional antenna will have better audio clarity as compared to the omnidirectional antenna.

Beam Width

This is the most important aspect to look out for when you are searching for an antenna. Always make sure that the antenna you are planning to buy has a wide beamwidth as it will ensure the capturing of the signals from the most number of stations as well as improves the clarity of audio being transmitted to the user end.

Frequency Range (HF, VHF, UHF)

We do not want to go into technicalities. We will just tell you to choose an antenna that has the capability to receive the signal frequency of your desired station. We want you to be sure if you are going to need UHF, HF, or a VHF frequency antenna based on the selection of your station frequency.

Reception Range

This word means that from what distance an antenna can receive a signal. You must look for an antenna that does not lose its power over a period of time. The antenna should be powerful enough to convert the weakest signals into clear audios.

We hope that this article of best-hidden car antennas helped you pick the best antenna depending upon your needs and budget. Stay tuned for more reviews.

Is your tuning system affected by obstructions?

One consideration can be installing a diversity tuning system. This makes reception better as it will make through the collection of signals from two different antennas positioned at opposite sides of the vehicle.

Are you facing the problems of weak signals through the radio is functioning well?

Pre-amplifiers can improve reception by amplifying the signals before they get to the tuner. This concept can help in making weak signals stronger.

How can I improve my car radio reception?

Install a Diversity Tuning System

  1. Clean the Paint: The car’s chassis acts as the ground plane for the antenna and it’s very important in the reception of signals to clean it properly before the installation.
  2. Replace the Antenna: if you are using a huge antenna that can caught noise and can create a lot of disturbance so install an antenna with powerful booster.
  3. Lessen your devices: It is also a better idea to leave your other devices at home like tab iPhone as they can also hinder the reception.

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