Cruisin' is a lot easier than you think·····

All you have to do is get a car and ·····

Yavapai Classic Cruisers of Arizona, dedicated to the enjoyment of classic vehicles.


Yavapai Classic Cruisers of Arizona was founded in 2000 to provide a form for those interested in any aspect of Classic vehicles. The present group consists of a large community of members with a broad range of skills and interests. Some members prefer cars, while others prefer trucks, street rods, antiques, or others.


The goal of the Yavapai Classic Cruisers of Arizona is to further the education of its members and the public in classic and vintage vehicles and related activities by offering club meetings, vehicle information, public car shows, participating in community parades and events for all who are interested in classic vehicles. We have members ranging in ability from beginners to semi-professionals building complete vehicles.


Some of our featured activities are:

GARAGE TOURS                                                    MONTHLY  CAR CRUISES

CLUB PICNICS                                                       ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY

ANNUAL CAR SHOW                                            MONTHLY CLUB EVENTS

MONTHLY NEWSLETTER                                  HOT CAR CRUISES


Yavapai Classic Cruisers of Arizona meet once a month, on the 1st Thursday, at the Prescott Country club, Property Owners Clubhouse, at 6:00 PM. For further YCC meeting information, see "Maps and Meeting information" on this web site

The Yavapai Classic Cruisers car show is held on the "cool grass" at Prescott Mile High Middle School (downtown Prescott) on the Saturday before Fathers day in June. Vehicles come from all over Arizona, with entrants sharing their experiences and providing views of some pretty impressive vehicles.